Stomptown Brass

A New Orleans style urban brass band based in Dublin.

Originals composed by James O'Leary.

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Stomptown Brass has emerged as one of the most unique acts in Ireland in recent times. Blending the sounds of funk and blues with a raucous cacophony of powerful driving rhythms, Stomptown Brass make the most of their impressive line-up: two Drummers, two Trombones, two Trumpets, one Saxophone and one big dirty Tuba.

What sets Stomptown Brass apart from any other act in Ireland is the originality of their sound combined with the unmistakable energy of brass music.

The set is made up almost exclusively of originals written by trombonist James O Leary. The tunes include bluesy vocals, dark infectious grooves, disco beat breakdowns, and funky minimalist rhythms, all delivered with a level of enthusiasm and showmanship rarely found on the circuit today. Stomptown Brass began when a group of like-minded brass players, known to each other from playing with bands and orchestras around Dublin, decided they wanted to take the tradition of brass bands and turn it on its head.

After successfully launching their EP titled “Locomotive” and their single “I Got a Plan”, 2018 saw the band perform at major slots at Electric Picnic, Longitude, Sea Sessions, Another Love Story, and Indiependence, along with sell-out shows at The Sugar Club, Cyprus Avenue and Dolans.

Their most recently project, a theatrical collaboration of ‘Requiem For the Truth’ with Collapsing Horse (who are without a doubt Ireland’s most interesting and innovative theatre company), saw the band break new ground selling out runs at Dublin Fringe 2017, Norway Fringe Festival 2018, Cork Jazz Festival 2018, Waterford Imagine Arts Festival 2018 where they took on the audacious task of holding a New Orleans Jazz Funeral, for the truth.


Finnian Kelly - Trombone

Brian Larkin - Tuba

Brendan Doherty - Drums

Darragh McGrath - Drums

Liam Ryan - Trumpet

Rob Grant - Trumpet

Luke Byrne - Tenor Sax

James O'Leary - Trombone


Critical Reception - Requiem for the Truth

"Requiem for the Truth was an incredible and epic experience for the Dublin Fringe audiences and a spectacular way to close out the 2017 festival. The show was full of drama, impact and adrenaline. It was engaging and enchanting from start to finish" - Kris Nelson, Artistic Director, London International Festival of Theatre

"Really unique, poignant and clever cross cultural fusion of theme, music, location and experience. With the added bonus of unexpectedly dancing in the street to a live New Orleans style brass band. Loved it." - Avril Stanley, Festival Director, Body&Soul

"Spectacular show, we absolutely LOVED it." - Foil, Arms & Hog

“A total immersive spectacle with amazing music and performances, a perfect celebration to the end of truth.” - Cian O’Brien, Artistic Director, Project Arts Centre

“Stomptown Brass and Collapsing Horse closed out the 2017 edition of Dublin Fringe Festival in invigorating and exuberant style. Requiem for the Truth thrilled our audiences, combining the talents of two exciting Irish artistic collectives to offer a truly unique gig experience with magical flourishes they’ll remember for years to come.” - Ruth McGowan,
Festival Director, Dublin Fringe

Critical Reception - Locomotive EP

"Locomotive EP is concerned with the essence of sound, the incommunicable feeling that music can give us when the right notes are played at the right time, and all the harmonics gather into one whole being...throughout Locomotive you can feel the energy and power that Stomptown Brass hold over their music...Locomotive is a boisterous carnival of music that comes across fully on record" - The Last Mixed Tape.

"With the hot jazz vim and vigour of My Duchess Has A Heart of Gold, Stomptown Brass show they are students of their influences but are not chained or confined to them. Rolling along with all the forward motion the E.P’s title would suggest and made all the more convincing by big call and response vocals, the song is the highlight in a record brimming with life". - The Last Mixed Tape.

" more assured and taut then, is the E.P.’s single, My Duchess has a Heart of Gold. It’s call and response motif, draws up the playful nature of the music, and the sound of being in the coolest gang in town. The lyrics are irreverent fun..." - PureMzine

“Fury "is exactly the sound you think a brass band should make. It is a gem that sparkles with confidence and muscularity." It is a musical journey that "weaves from large swells of melodically spiralling brass to shuffling rhythm in the blink of an eye. One moment the group are reigning it all in, and the next it’s a full-on tour de force of joyous musical celebration" - The Last Mixed Tape.

The final track, The Auld Triangle, is a glorious example of a young Dublin band nodding at two parallel histories, and getting good vibes back from both" - PureMzine.