Stomptown Brass

A New Orleans style urban brass band based in Dublin.

Originals composed by James O'Leary.

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Stomptown Brass in association with Collapsing Horse present


Requiem for the Truth


Truth, we are told, is dead. If so, then who organises the funeral?


Stomptown Brass, the outrageously energetic 10-piece street-funk band, and Collapsing Horse, the most exciting young theatre company in Ireland, invite you to join them as they take on an audacious task: to host a funeral for the Truth. Witness the colourful exuberance of the Haitian Voodoo-inspired New Orleans jazz funeral as it smashes up against the mournful, solemn ceremony of Roman Catholicism. An extravagant, chaotic street party, with a dark twist.

Really unique, poignant and clever cross cultural fusion of theme, music, location and experience. With the added bonus of unexpectedly dancing in the street to a live New Orleans style brass band. Loved it.
— Avril Stanley, Festival Director, Body&Soul
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Original funk music and spoken word, inspired by the rituals of the New Orleans Jazz Funeral and Catholic Requiem Mass, infused with the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche and Ludwig Wittgenstein.

In New Orlean’s style, we march the audience onto the street to end the show.

Requiem for the Truth was an incredible and epic experience for the Dublin Fringe audiences and a spectacular way to close out the 2017 festival. e show was full of drama, impact and adrenaline. It was engaging and enchanting from start to finish.
— Kris Nelson, Artistic Director, London International Festival of Theatre

Guest Eulogists

A key part of any funeral is the eulogy, where a friend or family member speaks about the deceased. We invite a different artist to deliver a personal reflection on the death of truth on each night, making every performance unique. For the audience, this means each night will be special and unique, a once-off experience, and we hope to carry this forward on tour and invite a local artist to join the performance and give their own personal reflection on what the death of truth means.

Stomptown Brass and Collapsing Horse closed out the 2017 edition of Dublin Fringe Festival in invigorating and exuberant style. Requiem for the Truth thrilled our audiences, combining the talents of two exciting Irish artistic collectives to o er a truly unique gig experience with magical ourishes they’ll remember for years to come.
— Ruth McGowan, Festival Director, Dublin Fringe
A total immersive spectacle with amazing music and performances, a perfect celebration to the end
of truth.
— Cian O’Brien, Artistic Director, Project Arts Centre
Spectacular show, we absolutely LOVED it.
— Foil Arms & Hog, Irish Comedy Group

Enquires & Bookings

Matthew Smyth, Collapsing Horse


Joe Clarke, CWB Management