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November 2017 - New video release from our Locomotive EP at the start of last year.


“Next up is the most compositionally sophisticated track: Fury. Inspired by a famous Gregorian chant Dies Irae (Day of Wrath), Fury is exactly the sound you think a brass band should make. It is a gem that sparkles with confidence and muscularity. It is a musical journey that weaves from large swells of melodically spiralling brass to shuffling rhythm in the blink of an eye. One moment the group are reigning it all in, and the next it’s a full-on tour de force of joyous musical celebration." - The Last Mixed Tape


special mentions

Special thanks to Bodytonic, the Bernard Shaw staff and the Big Blue Bus staff.

Video edited by Conor Tobin (www.conortobin.ie) and Cilléin McEvoy Video directed by Cilléin McEvoy Camerawork by Conor Tobin, Marco Griffini and Harry Sunderland.

  • Video was recorded in March 2017

  • Produced by James O'Leary

  • Music & Lyrics written by James O'Leary

  • Recorded by Joe McGrath at Hellfire Studios, Dublin

  • Mixed by Michel Heffernan

  • Mastered by Fergal Davis


  • Rob Grant - Trumpet, Lead Vocals

  • Liam Ryan - Trumpet

  • Ciaran Sutton - Saxophone

  • James O'Leary - Trombone, Vocals

  • Finnian Kelly - Trombone

  • Lorcan Brennan - Trombone

  • Brian Larkin - Tuba

  • Fiachra Kinder - Snare Drum, Cymbals

  • Conor MacSweeny - Snare Drum, Cymbals

  • Darragh McGrath - Bass Drum